Green IT issues – Act now

Your Green IT solution reaches the next level with the Wattimpact services

Choose renewable energies for you web site

Servers, routers or computers power supply… your internet site is the reason for electric consumption related to the hosting but also to the audience. When added, often underestimated, these consumptions have a negative impact on the environment. They generate carbon dioxide emissions, impact natural resources, require waste management.
We cannot ignore the explosion of the usage of ICT (information and communication technologies). We are faced with 2 supplementary priorities – energy saving thru a careful power management policy and preference for green energies.
Reducing electricity consumption is largely addressed by the different Green IT initiatives and policies. We seldom see the choice of renewable energy as a means to help preserve the environment. But this is the opportunity offered by the Wattimpact services.


Gartner’s estimates that the ICT industry produces 2 per cent of global CO2 emissions, placing it on a par with the aviation industry.

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