Watt Value, the company in charge of the development of the Wattimpact services, believes that environmental challenges are the main reasons to purchase green energy thru voluntary market. Responsible business management and philosophy, integrity, compliance, qualitative requirements as well as decision criteria for power plant selection are Watt Value primary principles and are applied to the development of the Wattimpact services: 

1. Wattimpact offer is built upon a series of Internet services with the objective to promote electricity produced from renewable energy sources following the European directive 2001/77/CE, dated 27 September 2001.

2. The origin of the electricity is guaranteed by an internationally recognized and reliable traceability system. Thru renewable energy certificate redemption, the consumer can proclaim the consumption of electricity produced and originated from renewable source.

3. To be eligible to Wattimpact services, a power plant must follow low environmental impact specification criteria that may vary depending on the production technology used. For some of them, additional and independent audits might be performed to demonstrate the environmental Excellency of the production site.

4. Wattimpact services primary goal is to promote the use and the development of renewable energy and lead to beneficial environmental value within a sound sustainable energy policy.

5. The Wattimpact services embed “additionality”, e.g. consumption of renewable energy enables new investment in renewable energy plants. The consumption of renewable energy is defined as the redemption of renewable certificate. This “additionality” is set at 1c€/kWh of certified production.

6. The funds collected thru the “additionality” principle are invested in projects to develop new renewable electricity production capacity.

7. All commitments are unbiased and verifiable 

8. Power plant selection criteria can vary and evolve depending on the evolution of norms, regulations and quality standards.

9. Information and communication openness are a priority.

10. The Wattimpact services are embedded within a more global framework of energy saving and sustainable development awareness goal.

by [Wattimpact