Technology to estimate the energy use impact of your Internet site

You can measure the environmental impact of your site from its actual traffic. The proposed metrics are in kWh and converted in carbon dioxide equivalents; the basis is an estimate of the overall electric consumption, the energy mix per source type, an estimate of the carbon emission based on the region where the consumption occurs and its carbon profile for energy production

A reliable traceability system for renewable energy

By using the Wattimpact services, you can proclaim a portion or all of the energy you use to run your web site is from renewable sources and is guaranteed by the European Energy certificate System (EECS). The green electricity certificates are compliant with the requirements of this recognized and standard European tracking system. The electricity power plant used behind the Wattimpact services follows low environmental impact specification criteria.

A contribution to the environment

The Wattimpact services embed “additionality”, e.g. consumption of renewable energy enables new investment in renewable energy plants. The consumption of renewable energy is defined as the redemption of renewable certificate. This “additionality” is set at 1c€/kWh of certified production

Display a Green IT strategy encompassing green energy directly on your site

Once installed, the Wattimpact services enable you to display the actual energy consumption following the actual traffic on your web site. The certified sites become benchmarks for the challenges represented by the need to choose a qualitative energy supply for the web. A graphical representation enables them to publicly display their environmental preference.

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